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Feb. 4th, 2015

[sticky post] [Fic] The sexy stalker (Part 1)

Title: TSS
Pairings: Akame, others might occur later
Rating: Pg-13 (for now)
Genre: Romance, humor...
Disclaimer: I dont own a thing
Summary: A crazy night with his bestfriend is going to change Kame's life forever.

A/N: the worst summary ever hhhhhh i know, and i am sorry for that, but i couldnt come with something better, this fic is going to have a few parts, this one is short, i would like to know if there is someone who wants me to continue it even though I already had plans to continue it because this fic is dedicated to my dear friend
meeii <3 and will always welcome any ideas <3

After a night full of alcohol, music, dance, and much more, it was inevitable that Kame would end up with such a hangover, his whole body ached, specially his head, he felt his throat dry and when he tried to get up he cursed a few times before he ended up concluding that it was Ryo’s fault for wanting to show off with the hot girls and end up making both of them have a competition about who can handle better alcohol, such a stupid idea. “Ahhhhhhhh!.....” he groaned and thought about how to make Ryo regret it.

A few minutes after that, Kame got up somehow and went to prepare breakfast so he can feel better, otherwise he can be with hungover all day, his breakfast was simple just a toast and an orange juice, he wouldnt be able to have much more, so better just eat a little.

“I wonder how that stupid osaka man feels today” then a wide smile appeared on his face “i bet he is way worse then me, serves him right” and his phone started to ring so he got up and started searching for it, he couldnt remember where he left it and he ended up searching in all places until he found it beside his jacket “moshi moshi” he answered without even looking who it was “i am dying Kame -cha~~n” Ryo’s voice come from the other line “serves you right, stupid osaka man” kame said as laud as he could without feeling like his head would explode “hey! Auch....... Ittai...... My head hurts~~” and he cutted the line, he throw the phone on his bed and headed to the shower.

A hot shower was what he needed after eating, now he was relaxed without any more head pain and he grabbed his phone, 3 new massages on whatsapp, the first one was from his brother asking him if he got home safely, his brother went to lots of parties lately and he is starting to get worried about this....

Yuya we have to talk, on my next day off come to my apartment, got it?

The second one was from someone he didnt know at all “TSS” “who is this? And how come i have his phone number.....?” He opened the massage....

TSS: The Sexy Stalker, you always wanted a secret stalker to make you fall in love, so now you have it ;)

“what??!! A s-s-stalker??? No way!”

Who said i would ever want a stalker in my life??! Fuck of and leave me alone or i am going to sue you

Kame’s replay was harsh but a stalker was something he couldnt accept, in less then a minute he had another message from the stalker.

YOU said it :D now deal with what you provoked, and about the fuck of part..... :) sure with pleasure, but just for now <3

This cant be happening to him, he was just a normal guy, with a normal life, normal work, things like this never happen to NORMAL people, so why him?? Kame groaned and hided his face in a pillow. He was SO going to find out who that girl was, and after that he was going to have proofs enough to sue her, he hated people like that, so she better prepare herself for hell.

TSUZUKU <3<3<3

Feb. 6th, 2015

[Fic] Cute moments <3 ( part 1 )

Title: cute moments
Pairings: RyoKame
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: romance, fluff, crack....
Disclaimer: I dont own a thing
Summary: Pin's first time turns to be the reason for RyoKames cutness <3

A/N: This drabble is dedicated to my dear friend meeii <3

“baby please listen to me, it was that stupid pig who didnt listen to me, i swear, i told him not to arouse akanishi, for gods sake he is a sex machine, of course he would rape his ass if he aroused him!! What was he thinking about?” kazuya glared at him and with a faint blush on his cheeks he said “but jin said u were the one to make a deal with him to make sure he ends up making love with pi.....” his blush now was more obvious and Ryo felt how his heart was melting, how could the small one bring that subject while begin on bed with his horny boyfriend? Sometimes his innocence was a wander to Ryo.

“Kazuya listen, did i ever liyed to you?” and kame shacked his head as an answer. “ did jin ever liyed to you?” and it was an immediate nud from him but as he got to understand what his boyfriend wanted him to get he opened his eyes in surprise and immediately got up from bed with a firm and strict look in his eyes. Ryo whom was so amused with his boyfriends behave hugged him from behind before he could get any far away and they both ended up on bed with ryo chuckling and kazuya surprised. “god..... Kazuya i cant love you more..... You are too cute for my own good....” wishpered while kissing softly his lovers neck and inhaling his sweet fragrance. “b-b-but Ryo i have to.....:” and before he could end the sentence Ryo was on him with a severe glare directed to Kazuya but it just lasted for a second since he couldnt keep that face with his loved one “but baby you always whine and say that i never spoil you that much and that i never have time for you!” and to that a fast replay come from kazuya “but it is true!!” and Ryo glared again at him making kazuya get lower on bed trying to hide his face somehow and failing at it as Ryo brushes the tip of his nose with kazuyas nose to make him open his eyes and once he did he saw what he always yerns for even if he has it at all moments, love, care, honesty, a promise of a life time love and both smile Ryo with a huge smile and kame with a small one with a deep blush on his cheeks knowing what comes next as he waits for it and Ryo sells their lips delicately, so softly, to reasure his silent promise to his loved one.


Feb. 4th, 2015

[Fic] Missing you

Title: Missing you
Pairings: Pikame
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: angst
Disclaimer: I dont own a thing
Summary: a special date for kame comes and with it sadness.

A/N: This drabble is dedicated to my dear friend
meeii <3

Kazuya was acting strange and all kattun members knew why it was like that..... It passed a year but kamenashi kazuya would never forget that date ......01/02/2014.....

Kazuya kept all night awake thinking and not bringing himself a chance to sleep, the date that he had been waiting for come and he got up from bed to go take a shower, after that he wore the new clothes he bought specially for this, some perfume too, he wanted to smell good for him.

Once he was outside he could felt the strong wind messing his hair and remembered how he would brush his bangs of hair behind his ear with a love and caring look and a gentile smile, and as he come closer to the beach the wind got even stronger making him want to blink yet he couldnt, he remembered how strong the wind was that day and how the sea waved strongly against the big rocks, he felt a shiver that shacked him all and closed his eyes remembering how his hugs were, his nice fragrance, his warm skin, his strong hug that made him feel safe and loved, and a small smile appeared on his face but once he opened his eyes he had to lower his head to hid the tears threatening to fall down his face, he didnt want him to see him cry.

Kazuya headed to the conbini in front of the beach, it was his favourite yet his most hated place and with sadness on his face and his heart beating too loud and fast as dizziness come to him he felt his head spinning, but he gathered courage since he owed him that and walked straight to the section he knew too well and opened the freezer.

He could remember how he moked him for choosing such a kind of ice cream, saying that chocolate ice cream was made for emotional girls hence he would always buy them for him, and as fast as he could kazuya grabbed the two chocolate ice creams and payed the ojiichan that recognized him once he entered to the shop.

Once outside he had to stop for awhile and try to be brave enough to go to the place where this year was his date with him when he felt little drops of cold rain fall on him, he felt grateful, now he wouldnt have to lower his head nor hide his face and straightening himself he headed to the cementiry, where Yamashita Tomohisa his boyfriend since 01/02/2014 was resting in peace and whom also died on 01/02/2014 saving him and the ojiichan from an armed thief whom entered the conbini while they were buying their first ice cream as a couple on their first day as a couple and their first date ever, their first and last date, and now kazuya was in front of his grave, and he had his hair all messy, he was soaked and he couldnt stop crying while trying to talk, but his voice was vanished and all what he could bring himself to do was leave an ice cream on his lover’s grave and wishper a hurted and almost inaudible “hisashiburi Tomo-chan...”

The end.